Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help


Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help

Balancing Positions Can Help

Balancing Positions provides the professional services of conflict resolution experts, trained in facilitating constructive dialogues and structured group activities, which are organized to maximize understanding and improve the overall quality of life of Participants.  We currently specialize in Conflict Coaching, Facilitation, and Mediation services for individuals and organizational participants.


Our services:

  • Save Participants time & money
  • Empower Participants
  • Are confidential & private
  • Are tailored to Participants needs
  • Increase collaborative efforts
  • Increase agreement efficacy
  • Reduce stress
  • Deescalate conflicts


The following NAICS codes apply to the services provided by Balancing Positions:

                 541611                  561990
                 541612                   61169
                 541618                 624190

If you are interested in personally speaking with a Balancing Positions team member for further information please contact our Participant Services department at (509) 460-3104.

Service packages are available for bulk purchases.

Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help

Conflict Coaching

A Conflict Resolution Specialist (CRS) works one-on-one with a Participant to develop or enhance the behaviors that allow them to prevent, manage, and resolve conflicts.


  • Personal Development
  • Leadership Development
  • Dialogue Development
Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help


A Conflict Resolution Specialist (CRS) works with groups and organizations through decision-making processes to increase understanding and support their ability in meeting group goals.


  • Group dialogues
    (Non-profit Service Organizations, Professional Labor Union, Faith Groups, HOA, Familial)
  • Board retreats
  • Estate planning
  • Life planning (prenuptial agreements, DNR’s, living wills)
  • Negotiations (partnerships, contracting, labor agreements)
  • Conflict resolution & dialogue navigation trainings
Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help


A CRS serves as an intermediary in a dispute to support the Participants’ resolution efforts.

$300 for an initial three hour session

  • Parenting plans
  • Employment disputes
  • Residential disputes (LL/T)
  • Consumer disputes
  • Contract disputes
  • Divorces

Our mission is to use our expertise to increase the space for understanding and empower Participants to positively transform their circumstances.

Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help

The Balancing Positions team is comprised of Conflict Resolution Specialists (CRS) from various professional backgrounds who have completed advanced training in dispute resolution and possess practical experience guiding Participants through life’s difficult conversations.

We believe in the authenticity, self-determination, transparency, integrity, selflessness, honesty, commitment, respect, and the personal courage it takes to overcome the obstacles of conflict.

We love our communities. Here are a few of our community affiliations:


Someone who is …

• Experiencing a divorce or separation that requires the division of property.
• Experiencing conflict with colleagues, family members & loved ones, neighbors, or employers.
• Seeking effective and healthy resources to reduce co-parenting miscommunications or conflicts.
• Seeking professional conflict resolution support.
• In the Property Management field and wanting to explore alternate methods to terminating tenancies or resolving community issues.
• Responsible for hiring this year’s strategic planning facilitator or a general meeting facilitator.
• Feeling discomfort fully participating within a group or role.
• Wanting to enhance their ability to effectively transmit information and reduce communication issues.
• A Human Resources professional or Leader seeking expert dispute resolution guidance and support.
• Looking to enter into a relationship and wanting to clarify asset expectations.
• Looking to implement proactive approaches to improving quality of life and organizational culture.

Our experienced Conflict Resolution Specialists (CRS) personally guide Participants through a structured dialogue process, which enhances the Participant’s ability to overcome their issues, meet their needs, transform circumstances, and improve interpersonal dynamics.

Our Process

Connection 1st
Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help
Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help
Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help
Service Decision 4th
Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help
Quote 5th
Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help
Payment 6th
Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help
Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help
Peace 8th
Got Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help

In less than ten easy steps you are able to move closer to peace.

  • No retainer.
  • On your schedule.
  • Customized & confidential.
  • Higher overall process satisfaction with a “win/win” approach.

There are instances when Participants need to seek the consultation of an Attorney, or may receive the best benefit from escalating their matter to the courts. Balancing Positions will always encourage participation at the most informed level, and will provide service recommendations accordingly to preserve each Participant’s legal rights. Services are 100% voluntary. Participants always take the lead on all service decisions. Service Agreement

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Right now!

1st – Let’s connect. Submit a Service Request telling us a little bit about what’s going on.

Next, within 48-hours one of our Conflict Resolution Specialists (CRS) will follow-up with you. If Balancing Positions is the right resource our team begins to design your custom service process.

Service Request

Maybe you would like to learn more about our staff, the Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) industry, and/or Balancing Positions services; we want to make it easy for you to access our services and promptly get you the service required to make your best decisions.

You can call us at (509) 460-3104.
Press ‘0’ to be directed to our Participant Services Department from 9AM to 8PM. There may be times when you will be required to leave us a voicemail; please leave your name, contact information, and a brief summary of why you are calling, and we will return your call within 48-Hours.

You can email us at A team member will follow-up within 48-Hours.

Do you experience conflict in your organization?

Balancing Positions is the perfect outsourcing resource for organizations wanting to augment their people power.
Receive specialized expertise upon your team without needing to make long-term employment commitments.
Develop responsive conflict resolution initiatives designed to support your organization in addressing difficult interpersonal issues.

Whether you are a member of a well-developed team or a team just starting out, wherever your organization is upon the development spectrum, Balancing Positions can support your organization’s efforts in understanding, preventing, managing, or resolving potential issues that threaten your success.

The conflict assessment has been designed to initiate a greater conversation regarding conflict or potential conflict areas within an organization. We encourage a more personal method to our services and consider this assessment only as a component of our intake process.

Conflict Assessment


GOT Conflict? Balancing Positions Can Help